Our Story

Eleva Beauty all began when our founder was in search of the most suitable acne treatment for a minor blemish in her mid 20’s. She searched and searched, but was faced with sales and skin care professionals who sold her ineffective products. What actually started as a small blemish quickly turned into multiple blemishes throughout her face. In her desperation, she began doing her own research to understand the delicate nature of the skin and how it should be taken care of. Through her readings she discovered that the products that were being sold to her were not only not helping, but were actually causing her skin to react negatively to the treatment. To ensure others didn’t go through what she did, she made it her mission to help individuals choose skin care products that best match their skin type rather than selling the most popular product at the time.


With the passion of one young woman, Eleva Beauty has grown from a local beauty store into a worldwide beauty store that serves individuals with all skin types. We pride ourselves in knowing that with each transaction we are elevating your beauty to the next level.


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